मौसम अपडेट

नेपाली पात्रो

विदेशी विनिमय दर अपडेट

राशिफल अपडेट

सुन चाँदी दर अपडेट


“Fantasy Love!”

“Fantasy Love!”

सुदूर आज

  • Ram Abiral Bista

Imagine that you accepted my proposal.
I introduced to you as my lovely girlfriend.
My friends claimed, if the peers are very happy and made for each other. We both went crazy!

You called me early and told me, “The Owl is still asleep.” I winked and said, “What’s up?” Isn’t it Saturday? Yes, it is! So, what is the plan? Let’s go for movie! Which one? “Kabir Singh” Oh! Wow”

In the elevator of the City Center, we were talking about the Kabir’ character. When I came to the ground floor, I felt smoking. I talked about going to a café nearby.

You spoke of being hasty. After my stubbornness, you agreed. We went to the tea shop in Karki Ba. I asked for tea and you didn’t refuse. The cigarette made me die. I touches the cigarette many times, in my pocket. Once I felt like giving a salvo, I remembered the promise to not smoke while proposing. The glass of tea disappeared. You repeated the rush. We paid the bill and left.

The days that followed have been as if nothing had happened. College Bunking! Abuse of heads going to the movies became our daily routine. We were completely unaware of our surroundings. We began to imagine that we were in a different world. Only you, I, and our house are there. Green is all over the road

Roses – I have sewed a flower in your yellow hair. Suppose these flowers are blooming for us! We were walking, uphill. When you are tired, I talked about carrying you. You claim to be not so weak. We climbed to the top of the mountain and shouted “Now We Are Free”

– flying birds stopped with saying, “Be always happy!
“We returned with a smile in revenge.
– The rushing wind blew you away. You were ashamed.
The flying cloud said,” you look beautiful while ashamed!
We all ignore it and start to see that shaky city.

Where love is sold at a bargain price.
Where love does not even lift the head.
Where young graduates sell their kidney for the treatment of their parents!
We called that city the city of vultures and there

You vowed never to return. “You are as free as the birds flying in the sky. We are the purse of love. We have nothing to do with the world”

You shook your head in support. I hugged you even harder. The water started pouring more and more. Suppose the water is supporting us too. The flow of water from your hair poured all over my chest. I hugged you even harder.

You talked about missing dad – mom so much. While I were missing Karki Ba’s tea shop and cigarette so much! Time was running out, we were walking Parish changed. We are changing. We openly forgot about the places we exchanged for love. You have to dip your feet in the pond all day

Things started to go down. Loving nights, unattended. We stopped soaking in the water. We stopped at the top of the mountain. We stopped at the beach and wrote down each other’s names.

Sometimes, you get tired and you forget to put it on my lap. Sometimes, I forget to brush your hair. Nevertheless, we are trying to make a rose in the lips. We did everything for each other’s happiness, but did not get back again!

We slowly began to understand,
– The importance of society,
-The importance of the enemy,
-The importance of oneself,
– The importance of the country.

We started to feel lonely every day. We began to feel that our love life was getting shorter! We also learned the truth, “society is inevitable in order to surviving of love and hate!” We decided to spend the rest of our lives, remembering each other, all alone! We divided up the remaining love equally and separated!

Written translated by Ram Abiral Bista